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My Return is more than just an online boutique—we are a community. More specifically, we are here because it often takes a tribe to ensure that each and every one of us is properly inspired and uplifted, especially after a setback. Our apparel, housewares, and décor are designed to remind us that we are unique, special, talented, and beloved. We want you to remember that your own gifts, talents, ideas and capabilities can be harnessed to design the life you've always imagined. 

When you shop at My Return, please understand that these are not just miscellaneous products from a store; each piece has been personally designed and created through heartfelt meditation and prayer. Each piece has a special message, a special story, and when you purchase a piece of My Return merchandise, the hope is that the message will become a part of your story. Each item was created specifically for you, with the sole purpose of helping you to recognize that you are meant to shine.